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Peterborough to Luton Airport | Cabline Taxis Peterborough

Cheap and best taxi in Peterborough - phone number 01733 33 33 99 - call today!

Airport Taxi Prices Peterborough

For more then 8 people please contact us for a quote.

Saloon Car 5-6 People Mini Bus 8 Seats
70 miles/travel time 1hr 10min
£64.00 £79.00 £89.00
67 miles/travel time 1hr 15min
£64.00 £79.00 £89.00
Heathrow (T1, 2, 3)
95.5 miles 2hrs travel time
£89.00 £109.00 £124.00
Heathrow (T4 & 5)
99 miles 2hrs 15min
£98.00 £114.00 £129.00
130 miles 2hrs 16min
£109.00 £129.00 £148.00
East Midland
60miles 1hr 40min
£74.00 £84.00 £98.00
145 miles 2hr 40mins
£139.00 £149.00 £174.00
80 miles 1hr 40mins
£74.00 £89.00 £98.00
80 miles 1hr 40mins
£99.00 £119.00 £124.00
69 miles 1hr 30mins
£72.00 £84.00 £96.00

There is a £2.00 charge for drop off and £2.00 charge for pick at most airports. For customers travelling to Gatwick airport there is a charge for the Dartford crossing depending on the vehicle.

Additional Services

We offer you the option of either meeting outside or for those of you who are unfamiliar with the airports we offer a "meet & greet" service. That means our taxi driver will meet you at the barriers with a distinctive name board with your name clearly displayed for only £20!

Peterborough Taxi are at a distinct advantage for both collecting & dropping you off at any point in London's financial districts. This is due to our having close working relationships with most companies. We have designated pickup and drop off points outside making it easier for you to commute efficiently with us. We also keep in contact with you to avoid any time waste.

Our prices are the same all year round except for New Years Eve & New Years Day.

we accept credit cards

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Text when you can't talk!

Text us at 07425 620794

Cabline taxis Peterborough offers a Text 4 Taxi it is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to book your journey. Texts were you are & where you going with your name. You'll get a confirmation text form Cabline taxis. If you are more then 4 people then also specify the number of people.

For customers who are visually, hearing or speech impaired or someone who's English is not a first language then we do offer an exclusive text 4 taxi service. Customers can use our Cabline taxis text number - to order a taxi for immediate dispatch or for pre-booking for a specific time.