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Card Payments

We accept all major credit and debit cards

Cabline Taxis Peterborough has always wanted to give its customers every possible facility to make their journey stress-free and enjoyable. Therefore to further achieve this goal the Company has provided its drivers with In-Car Chip & Pin Credit or Debit Card terminals.

Virtually every vehicle within the fleet can now offer this facility and Cabline taxis of Peterborough will expand the number of terminals as this facility becomes more popular. Cabline taxis will expand the number of terminals as this facility becomes more popular until all the vehicles have the facility.

This facility enables customers to travel at any time and relax even if they have not got enough cash with them or they are unable to get any from the many overworked ATM bank cash dispensers. It also reduces the need to carry to much cash around.

There is a 10% surcharge to the fare made by the Merchant Bank on each transaction but this is outweighed by the convenience and peace of mind.

All customers need to do is request this facility at the time of the booking and we will send the nearest vehicle with a terminal from our large and expanding fleet to transport them safely to their destination worry free.

we accept credit cards

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Text when you can't talk!

Text us at 07425 620794

Cabline taxis Peterborough offers a Text 4 Taxi it is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to book your journey. Texts were you are & where you going with your name. You'll get a confirmation text form Cabline taxis. If you are more then 4 people then also specify the number of people.

For customers who are visually, hearing or speech impaired or someone who's English is not a first language then we do offer an exclusive text 4 taxi service. Customers can use our Cabline taxis text number - to order a taxi for immediate dispatch or for pre-booking for a specific time.